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January 18, 2008


You are so talented. You should get someone to do your print on fabric, like Mairo or something!
I hope I'll be able to buy your alfabeth- poster in the future;)

Thanks Marie, and welcome to my blog!

oh wow these are just too cute! Hope I'll be able to buy it somewhere soon!!

Thanks Erna and welcome to my blog! I hope so too :)

This pattern is absolutely gorgeous!

Have you ever considered using places like http://www.spoonflower.com to print your own designs onto fabric?

I ask because I would LOVE to buy some fabric with this gorgeous elephant print on it. I am sure that the cost (for you to print it through a service like this and then re-sell it to someone else) would make it kind of expensive, but seriously, I would pay anything for this design. I'd even pay up front. I'm in love with it!

Thanks Kat :D and thanks for the link to Spoonflower!

I love this. absolutely love this.

Thanks rebecca! :)

beautiful designs + illusration work! on seeing these elephants thought that you might be interested in this art project:

no money for work though, sorry.
might be able to arrange something about printing out a small section.

Thanks for your sweet comments, Sonja. And thanks for the link! I might be able to have something ready in time for the exhibition ...

Wow, I'm amazed. I Totally LOVE this! :)

Thanks Ellie!

Loved this pattern!!!
Can I use it as a background in my twitter??

Thanks Ma! It's ok and thanks for asking!

y dont you got someone to do it for you like a artesed my nanna is a artesed and she likes elephant

Hi - would your elephant design be available for sale?

This is such an awesome pattern! Would it be alright if I use a section of it as a banner on my blog page? I can put a copyright for you if you want.

have you made any progress with producing this design on fabric? I would LOVE to use this. I would especially love to see it in large scale on a cotton or cotton/linen blend. Are you in the US? My daughter goes to Tufts University and the JUMBO(elephant) is their mascot and the colors are blue and brown. I can think of a million ways to use this pattern. I'm a designer/photographer/artist and a fan of your work!

Hi debbie, and thanks for your sweet comment. Sorry, no progress yet with the fabric.

I'm in Sweden btw :)

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