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April 24, 2007


Vad var det du sade sist vi sågs?

Jag kan inte teckna lika bra som du.
(Och jag kan INTE rita lika rent som du!!!)
Jisses vad schyst pellefant!

Jag kastar in handduken snart!!!!!

Oh va fin!
Vi hade en tavla när jag var litendär en vän till mamma målat massa elefanter likt den här i rad på en planka. Jag älskade den tavlan och mamma slängde den i flytten när de sållde vårt hus. Det ska alrdig förlåtas. Men fint att se att elefanter fortfarande är på framfart :-)

I love all of those! (then again, I do have a thing for elephants)

Thanks Pamela and welcome to my blog! The elephants in the sketch will have a life too. I have ideas :)

Tack Ida och välkommen hit!

Would it be alright if I created a tattoo based off of one of your elephant designs?

Hi Frances, that would be cool :D So yes it would be alright (as long as it's not the DIGINEG elephant since it's not my copyright anymore). And I would really love to see a photo when it's done :) Thanks for asking!


really nice elefant. Just want to let you know that I used it for my baby's room. Tried to draw an elephant myself, but it looked more like a cucumber.
Once again, really sweet elephant!
Have a look at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cgaffga/tags/elephant/


I've been trying to find an elephant illustration for a tattoo and I absolutely love your designs. I was wondering if the outline of the Digineg elephant is also their copyright or just the solid black one because I'd like to get the outlined one as a tattoo.

Hi Katie, and sorry for the slow reply! The sketches are all mine so go ahead with the tattoo. If you use any I would really love to see a photo when it's done :D

Thanks so much! I'll be sure to send a picture when I get it done!

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