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February 01, 2007


i got a map in the office where i file these kind of "projects" and i wrote one single word on it with a big black marker > assholes


That's the word for them! You know, I could take one of their bottles and *GADUMP* :D

hahahaha! *gadump* thats the right sound!

yes arschloch

we should add an asshole clause in the contracts: "should the client turn out to be an asshole, an extra 100% asshole fee will be added to the invoice, even if the client feels, that he is not an asshole!"

Och där gick dom miste om ett helt underbart koncept! Bra gjort Lotta, veti sjutton om jag kunde vara lika modig...

Tack Lena! Javisst gjorde de! Jag är nog snarare mer stolt än modig :)

wow! I though that I was the only one with these kinds of clients, I've worked with a lot of companies in Mexico and they do these kinds of things to keep the sketches and portfolios for free, then they hire an internal designer that copies all the original artwork for minimal wage X_X
It's horrible

BTW-Love your illustrations

Thanks Denise and welcome to my blog!

Gaaaah! These clients are really all around! Maybe we should give Simon's idea (see above) a second thought :D

I'm greatful for the nice clients that cross my way :)

Man, I hate when that happens... but we must stay tall with our fees ... just make sure they don't copy your work... I would take special care and see what their products look like lately... if they turn out looking way too similar to your designs, don't panic... look for a lawyer and give the company a call and an email... they will end up having loads of unselable products.

Great work btw... I really enjoyed looking through your blog.

Thanks Alex and welcome to my blog!

I'm keeping an eye on the products. It's a total different style. But the illustrator they chose in the end thinks I'm making nice illustrations. She have been using some of them in a pdf for a tenant-owner' society. She acctually took them from my website. I think I'll blog about that today :)

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